are you an awesome fan of taylor swift, if you are, then please keep this information i am about to give you a secret. no one can know this information. why? because there are people who are mean to taylor swift and they call her to say bad things about her songs. dont tell anyone you found her address or her phone number ok, so this is what i have. the address is 568 W. Hollester, New York, NY 10012 and the phone number is in the area code 212, the number is 555-2345. make sure when you call that number you call it after 5pm because during the day hours, they only answer to people who are doing business with her, and if you dont have a company code, they will hang up on you. but after 5pm, they dont require a company code. good luck, if you were not able to get a hold of taylor, please let me know, maybe they changed the number again. bye.