Free Basic Math App!

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My kids go to school in Mountain House and one of their skills is to build on basic math with Rowley Math. Every week, the teacher gives our students a test for each number.

To help my kids, I have developed this free app for children in Pre-School, First Grade, Second Grade and beyond to build on their math skills.

You're kids are going to build on their math skills by practicing the basic math from 1 to 9. The app also contains Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The purpose of the app is very simple, to let the students practice basic math skills.

We are currently developing enhancements on the application to allow for printing of sheets as well. That is coming soon. If you would like to request a feature, for example, to save scores or email scores to parents, we can work with that.


For now, its a fun application for kids to enjoy learning and building their math skill with Rawley math.

Why are math skills so important? Math skills help to develop student to a greater potential in other parts of their curriculum such as in science. Its essential for children in elementary to build strong math skills during their early years in school to prepare them for middle school, high school, college and in life.

These math skills will also be needed for state and federal requirements. Teachers work very hard to help our students learn and by having the right tools, the children will benefit from a friendly and easy to use application.

I hope you like the application.