How Do I Know If I Have ADHD?

Quiz to test if you have ADHD

If you think you have ADHD it may seem like every time you try to explain your symptoms or other common ADHD symptoms to someone else, they will say something like "oh, I guess I have ADHD also".

All off us have experienced ADHD symptoms to a degree. We all procrastinate, difficulties remembering things, lose their temper from time to time, mindlessly plays around with stuff. What makes ADHD different is that these symptoms destroy the lives of people who suffer from ADHD.

Just like a healthy person procrastinates but can at some point say "it's too late now, but I need to get this done". As somebody with ADHD often can't start until my stress level is high that it causes some physical symptoms.

In school, I never could hand-in a paper on the due date, although I am actually good at writing homework. I started the night before due date. On my last job, I had for 3 years, I was on time about 5 times. I seldom go to bed before 3am or 4am, if I know I have to get out at 8 which sounds crazy. I don't mean to do those things, but my little brain will always give me other things to do and it's difficult to overcome. I've never been to therapy, I've tried meditating, I've tried drugs and much more, but it doesn't do much to fix my problems. They help from time to time but it doesn't solve the underlying problem. Now is difficult to make somebody understand that it's not laziness or a lack of discipline, which could be fixed through therapy.

No only quiz will diagnose ADHD, leave it for a professional.