Linux Exam 1 - Basic Commands

Take this FREE Linux practice exam. No signup or fees. Linux Skills Are in High Demand in today technology hungry companies. Increase your salary and your job opportunities with a high boost in technology skills.

Obtaining a Linux Certification can boost your career and exelerate your skills to the next level. The purpose of the simulation practice exam is for you to practice some questions and answers from Basic commands to advanced and complex commands. If you are familiar with UNIX system, Linux commands will be familiar. However, If you are not familiar with UNIX or Linux, we will take you from the beginneing and into more advanced questions. By the end of the practice quiz, you will be able to:

  • The exam is Free!
  • Study for Linux Certification Exam
  • No sign-up or membership required
  • You will obtain the results right after you complete the exam
  • You will not be asked to enter your name or email

This is a no non-sense test you can take at any time. I created this quiz because I needed to study for the CompTIA Linux+ exam and many of the sites I found I had to either signup or provide my personal information and only a few questions were provided, if I wanted to take mor questions, there was usually a fee. Not here, its free!

OK, enough talk, lets get started. Good luck!