have you ever wondered what it means when a guy is staring at you and he walks away. for many women, this is a mystery, but i have cracked the secret. many would agree with me saying he is just looking at you and it doesn't necessarily mean anything. but those people who say that, perhaps have never experienced a guy looking at them as he walks away, there is a mystery to the look he gives.

if you are one of a few lucky women who have experienced this phenomenon, you feel the magic in your heart and its important to find the answer. the answer you will only find it from someone who also has had this experience. to me, i has happened twice in my life time. i have analyzed it and this is what i came up. just answer the questions on this quiz and you will get the answer you seek.

Looking At Me Quiz

Take this quiz to find out what it means when you catch a guy staring or looking at you.