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Tuiz stands for Test and Quiz, we have many tests and quizzes you can take online for free to practice for any type of test of quiz

What is the meaning of Tuiz? , Tuiz stands for?

Hello and welcome to If you are reading this page, you are probably wondering what tuiz mean and why The answer is simple, the word tuiz is a combination of two words, one for test and the other one for quiz. We use tuiz for test and quiz. tuiz is a combination of test and quiz because the tests are more like quizzes and the quizzes are more like test so its somewhere in the middle between a test and a quiz.

What does Tuiz stands for?

TUIZ stands for TEST-QUIZ, is a short abbreviation of the two words combined together to make TUIZ. is nothing complicated, just a random word we cam up with for a test-quiz website were you can take tests and quizzes or quizzes and tests, lol!

How can I use TUIZ?

You can use tuiz for studying and learning. Most users on this website use tuiz to study for a test or a quiz, sometimes tests are longer than quizzes but other times, students must take a longer quiz than a test. Many have described a test as a formal evaluation tool for educators, whey quizzes are short informal assessment of knowledge. This makes sense, but what happens when you throw the word EXAM into the picture. Now what do you call it, is there a combination of exam and test and quiz, hmm, I've never really thought about that, i just went as far a test-quiz, maybe that would be a good project, we can call it tuizam?? hahaha, i am just making this stuff up. tuizam would be a good name, but i don't have money for the project, i barely have monkey for this website, since i don't make any money from this website.

Where can I find your tests or quizzes?

You can find all the quizzes available for public, some quizzes are not public, when you create a quiz, you have the option to show it in public or not. that's what tuiz users do. as a tuiz users, you can also share your quizzes with other friends and compare your scores. Some teachers can use tuiz to create test for students and then have the students take the test or quiz, after each tuiz user completes their assigned quiz or test, the results are immediately shared with the teacher. tuiz is a very useful test engine, yet simple and fast, we have create the code to be very simple using JavaScript, which is a web programming language. we are currently working on the next generation of tuiz so we can use more powerful tools like angularJS. We hope to have this project completed by the end of next year. Unfortunately, we don have the resources to complete tuiz version 2 sooner because we don't have money. All the services we provide here are free of charge. If you don't make money, then why keep tuiz? the answer is simple, we use tuiz for our tests and this is a way to share with others on the web who want to study for a test. tuiz can be use for practice test such as certification exams. if you are getting ready to take a certification exam, you can create a quiz here on tuiz and practice the questions and answer or create the quiz yourself and share it with someone who you know will be taking an important quiz soon and challenge them.

How popular is TUIZ?

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